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Foods and love

Cooking is a gift. Sometimes, even though someone might know how to cook, they still have to do it.

Even if someone cooks, it has to be delicious and healthy.

Whether it is a natural talent or something learned, cooking is a gift. And when someone could cook for others, it is definitely the best gift. I wouldn’t mind doing a chef as something like a side hustle.

I’m interested in learning and cooking a wide variety of food. I hope I will cook with a good partner.

I hope you enjoyed cooking today. And thank you for reading.



Trust and also think before trusting

Do you trust people just like that? There is a saying that “trust builds trust.” So, even though some people might not be trustworthy, our trust in them makes them trustworthy. It happens. When you believe in someone, even though they make mistakes, your belief will change them.

There are a few other situations where we trust without reasoning, without thinking whether it is true or not. There are certain situations and people, with whom we need to reason before trusting. We need to be sure that they are trustworthy.

Two methods. It is like applying the right method to the right people.

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Spend some time doing what excites you

Did you do something today that excites you? Do you know what excites you? Spend a few minutes getting to know what excites you and do that.

You could also try to know what excites your spouse, kids, parents, family, relatives, and friends. When you are spending some time with them, get something exciting for them. Try it.

I hope it will be useful for you and that you enjoyed the read. Thank you for reading, clapping, and commenting.