Can We Learn Creativity?

Photo by Seema Miah on Unsplash

This story is about whether creativity can be learned or if it has to be something innate.

Creativity is something like a talent, which a person naturally possesses. But can we learn creativity? Yes. If you are a nerd kind of person or someone who likes to learn or someone who is knowledgeable, then yes creativity can be learned. It is something like learning from books. Someone did something. Some other person wrote a book about it. And we learn from it. We use that learning to do other work. Don’t we?

So, creativity can be learned.

We learn about how to use Illustrator, Photoshop, and other design software. Don’t we? We learn how to use them, and then use them to design. Some people are talented. They don’t need tutorials to know how software can be used. While others need to learn that and then design.

Creativity could be something like that. We can learn.

When I say creativity, it could mean anything creative. It might be a drawing, design, web design, product innovation, photography, filmmaking, writing, etc.

When the internet is full of how to make something. It is just that people are searching for a good education on that topic.

The point is that creativity can be learned. We either need good tutors or we need good intelligence.



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