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Is It a Competitive World or a World Filled With Love?

A story about the race for money and the lack of love

Is it a competitive world or a world filled with love?

The competition is nice. It's like a game. But too much competition and without any kindness is something to be looked upon.

I know a lot of people aren’t happy with winning. Even I tried something big earlier, and I won. But I wasn’t happy. Because the losers were angry at the winners they do all sorts of bad things.

Winning can’t give you happiness. Remember people, who won defeating you, also hurt numerous people. And those who win so much, hurting so many people, aren’t happy as we would imagine.

Definitely, we can’t term the world in a single word as either “competitive” or “kind”. The group of people whom we meet defines the meaning of the world.

The community needs to be kind and not too competitive.

So, if the community is more money-oriented and doesn’t have love or kindness, then they are more like divorced people.

Or, in other words, those who are having troubled relationships are behind the money, and they in turn create money-only-focused people, and these money-only-focused people lose love.

It is better that we aren’t with people who are money-oriented and don’t have enough love.

I hope it was a good story and useful.



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