A woman having a beautiful smile.
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

What Is the Beautiful Thing About Women?

A poem about what is so beautiful about women.

Is that her looks?

Or the way she talks?

Is that her makeup?

Or how she looks at?

Is that her smile?

Or how she is shy?

Is that the way she cares for everyone?

Or is that her kindness?

Is that her silence?

Or is that her confidence?

Is that your flower?

Or the love that you have?

Is that your laugh?

Or the real meaning you have?

Is that her nature?

Or a gift from God?

Is that you?

Or is that heaven?

There is something in you women,

that is so beautiful and a mystery. 😊 😊

A woman in a library. She is smiling confidently.
Photo by Alana Sousa



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